Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pictures* from "Company" - Finally!

Getting ready backstage...getting our hair "did."

The amazing Lauren, sound technician, handing out our microphones in the dressing room.

Beautiful Rachel (Marta) getting ready.

I love this picture! Front and back of the hairdo. Wish Nathan would do my hair every day!

"The Little Things You Do Together"

"Have I Got a Girl For You!"

Jenny (Olivia Norine), David (Rob Stadt) and Bobby (Tyler Donahue)

"You Could Drive a Person Crazy" -- Marta (Rachel Robertson), Kathy (Kathryn Murphy) and April (Amy Wells)

"Getting Married Today" -- Amy (Mandy Rausch)

"Side by Side/What Would We Do Without You" -- Company

"Ladies Who Lunch" -- Joanne (Shelby Johnson)

"Being Alive" -- Bobby (Tyler Donahue)

The cast and production team! What a fun show!

*All photos courtesy of Eagleton Photography

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