Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now what?

Each of those posters, which are lining the wall above the top shelf in my office, represents a show with which I have been involved in 2009. There is just the perfect amount of space left for just one more, which I intend to fill with a poster for A Tuna Christmas in just a few short weeks. Thankfully, I will be working backstage for that one (with perhaps the most amazing backstage crew the Campus Theatre has ever seen, I might add) rather than onstage, but it will still be a rocking good time and an amazing show, starring two men I have already worked with in separate shows this year: Buster Maloney (Harry in Company) and Justin Harmon (Bobby Child in Crazy for You). You definitely will not want to miss this one!

So, yes, Talking of Michelangelo closed on Sunday. We had a FANTASTIC weekend of shows with some great audiences (minus the lack of an audience on Thursday, which we won't count because the rest of the run went off so successfully) and some even better cast parties. Wow...this cast certainly knows how to have a party! Two nights in a row of getting home after 3:30am took its toll on this old fart, though, and I was pretty exhausted come Monday morning! I miss everyone already, though, and am looking forward to a get-together soon for karaoke at Mable Peabody's! :)

In other theatre news (no, the theatre world as it pertains to my life still doesn't slow down even when I'm not actually in rehearsals for a show...what can I say? I can't sit still), I have a few other things coming down the pipe that I am very excited about:

* On Friday night I will be going, along with my husband Michael and our good friend Justin to see the critically acclaimed Evil Dead: The Musical produced by Level Ground Arts and directed by the one and only Bill Fountain. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill when he came to see Chicago with my dear friend (and Zombie-convert Cheryl in Evil Dead for that matter) Stephanie Felton. Some other online-only-via-Facebook-and/or-Twitter friends are in the cast, and I can't wait to meet them IRL* as well.

(*IRL = in real life)

* I hope to get back to reviewing shows for The Column VERY soon. I miss going to see theatre and writing the reviews! Since the last review and the feedback from it left a rather, well, bad taste in my mouth, I'm looking forward to seeing more local theatre and putting my Critic hat back on.

* Forever Plaid opens at Denton Community Theatre in a couple of weeks, and I am quite excited to see this one. It's a wonderful, feel-good musical, and I'm looking forward to seeing it also just out of sheer curiosity. This may be the first show I've seen in a while with a cast containing not one single person that I know or, at the very least, know of. I don't even know the director! It will be refreshing to see some of the new(er) talent that Denton has to offer in such a great musical....which is a nice segue into telling you about my newest project I'm trying to get off the ground....

* For those of you who are Facebook friends with me, you will have likely already gotten an invitation to join the group Denton "Cabaret" Brainstorm. No, this is not a brainstorm on how to produce the Kander & Ebb musical Cabaret. Instead, it is something I've been thinking about for a while. Denton boasts so many talented people of all ages, but there is not always a venue in which to showcase the different facets of the talented community. So, I am trying to create a musical showcase that will occur (hopefully) weekly in order to feature the myriad talented singers in our fair city and in the surrounding areas. I'm currently working on securing a venue for at least one show before 2009 ends, coming up with a name and writing a mission statement, so stay tuned for exciting news regarding the cabaret! If you have any ideas or just want to stay informed of what we're doing, PLEASE join our Facebook group or comment here and join the discussion!

That's it for today! Now that I will have evenings free and a bit more of a relaxed schedule, I hope to be a bit more attentive to this site. Thanks, as always, for reading.

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