Tuesday, August 4, 2009


(photo by Gary Payne of the Denton Record Chronicle. L-R: Mandy Rausch as Milly, Hannah Lane as Ruth, Ellen Whatley as Liza)

[photo by Gary Payne of the Denton Record Chronicle. Top row, L-R: Nicholas Long (Adam), Mandy Rausch (Milly); Middle row, L-R: SarahAnn Sutter (Dorcas), Mike Strecher (Benjamin), Jessica Gibson (Martha), Michael Alonzo (Ephraim), Jaime Rodriguez (Daniel), Ellen Whatley (Liza), Michael Schafer (Caleb), Hannah Lane (Ruth), Kurt Sutter (Gideon), Heidi Erickson-Lewis (Alice); Bottom row, L-R: Wes Middleton (Frankincense), Alyssa McClendon (Sarah)]

(click on each picture for a larger image!)

Remember that time when I wanted to blog more often? Especially about theatre, rehearsals and such? Silly Mandy, thinking I'd have time to do that AS WELL AS rehearse for said theatrical endeavors, write reviews for The Column AND work a full time job.

No matter, though, here I am now. It's the Tuesday between show weekends for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (7B47B), and I'm happy to say that despite some anxiety on my part before opening this show, we had a VERY successful opening weekend. We sold out the entire weekend before the curtain was raised on opening night, and as of mid-afternoon yesterday, the second weekend was completely sold out as well.

I'm truly amazed and speechless by this. I'd like to say that these ticket sales are indicative of the hard-working cast and our performances, but logic tells me that since the show sold out BEFORE a single note was sung, the title of the show alone has been responsible for most of our publicity!

Don't get me wrong, now, this is a great, hard-working cast, and what I think is a successful show (still waiting on The Column review as of 9:09 CST on Tuesday)!

I have mixed feelings about the show selling out. Part of me is, of course, thrilled! I'm always glad when a community theatre production does really well, especially a show in which I've contributed a lot of blood, sweat and tears of my own (either onstage or off). But, this is also why I wish we had more than two-week runs! SO many people are already disappointed that they now won't get a chance to see it!

Again, though, I am so proud of this role, this cast, and this production. It has been a beast to put together for everyone involved, and it's a(nother) perfect example of just how much the volunteers in community theatre lay their hearts and souls onto that stage every. single. night.

CONGRATULATIONS to my cast -- my friends -- and I am truly blessed to have worked with you and gotten to know each and every one of you!

I will post a link to The Column review as soon as it becomes available!

P.S. -- check out the sidebar! There's a link to ALL reviews by The Column's Associate Theatre Critics, and a link to my own page of reviews I've written on PegasusNews.com!

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