Friday, August 21, 2009

Now - read it like a one-eyed monkey in a blizzard.

A college friend of mine posted the above YouTube clip on her Facebook page today, and it's definitely worth a watch. Kate Winslet, on an episode of "Inside the Actor's Studio," was asked by an audience member to recall a time in which she had to improvise. Her story is pretty entertaining and of course, she's adorable in her re-telling.

As primarily a singer, cold readings at auditions simply terrify me. Whenever possible, I try to have read the script beforehand so I at least have an idea of the story, the characters, and possibly even my own ideas of things to try should I be asked to read for certain characters. However, that's not always possible, nor is it helpful once the director starts asking you for other things.

Don't get me wrong -- I very much appreciate being given direction in an audition during the reading portion. It's just that my lack of experience in reading auditions or - god forbid - just plain old improvisation/movement auditions simply renders me terrified. Usually, I try to just swallow my fears of inadequacy or looking foolish and give it the ol' college try (with varied results).

I'm curious, though -- what is the strangest thing you've ever been asked to do at an audition, whether it be to read the side again in a different way, to improvise, etc?

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