Monday, June 29, 2009

The Wait is Over!

Remember when I posted about having exciting news?? I can finally share it with everyone!

I am VERY happy and proud to say that I am now one of the Associate Theatre Critics (ATCs) for The Column by John Garcia!

I will not be posting any of my reviews here on the blog, in accordance with John's rules. However, once they are published in the Column and on Pegasus News' web site, I will post a link.

I am very excited and grateful for such an amazing opportunity to get out and see more live theatre while simultaneously stretching my writing muscles and facing the challenges that come with critiquing my peers while maintaining objectivity.

I've set a very organic mission statement for myself (nothing set in stone, nothing even written down) that I will never, for any reason, completely trash a show. I can see no valid point in people who are mean and nasty just for entertainment's sake (though, it can only entertain them certainly isn't entertaining to the reviewees!) and, as a sometimes-performer myself, I see no point in being hateful and acerbic to those people who, just like me, are trying to do what they love. I will strive to make any and all criticism constructive, and to balance negative/critical comments with positive ones as well.

I'm very much looking forward to my first assignment, and I'm thrilled to be associated with a local staple such as The Column!

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