Monday, June 8, 2009

Tweeting the Tonys

I always wish I could live-blog the Tony Awards (or the Oscars....or any other awards show), but that would mean I'd get control over the t.v. and the computer, and my husband just will not allow it. So, I had to resort to Tweeting during the telecast via my cell phone. Here were some of my thoughts (all with the hashtag "tonyawards"):

OperaWife: This opening number kinda seems like a cluster-F. Sound is off or something.

OperaWife: Stockard Channing ouch.

OperaWife: @orchconductor she sounds awful

OperaWife: Oh Liza....tranny mess.

OperaWife: God I would wreck NPH.

OperaWife: I thought that opening number was mostly shit. Sorry they spent so much money on it.

OperaWife: Ok the sound guy needs to be fired.

OperaWife: Loving the Shrek number....makes my knees hurt to watch!

OperaWife: You go Angela Lansbury!

OperaWife: Choreography for WSS revival is amazing!

OperaWife: What a phenomenal cast. Would love to see it!!

OperaWife: I'm confused by the Rock of Ages performance. Constantine did a good job with the beginning of "Don't Stop Believin."

OperaWife: But the rest of it was really just kinda stupid. Why am I so underwhelmed by most of these performances?

OperaWife: Oh, LIZA...again -- you hot tranny mess.

OperaWife: Son of a....WTF, Tonys? SOUND FAIL OVERALL!

OperaWife: Mic problems notwithstanding, LOVED the performance from Guys & Dolls.

OperaWife: Best speech so far - Karen Olivo from WSS. True emotion.

OperaWife: Despite sound issues...very intrigued by Next to Normal. Amazing performers.

OperaWife: I always get chills during the In Memoriam section when Broadway goes dark.

OperaWife: This kid from Billy Elliott is blowing my freaking mind.

OperaWife: Yay for HAIR!! All 3 revival nominees were amazing.

OperaWife: OMG i'm dying from the cuteness of these 3 boys.

OperaWife: Neil Patrick singing! SWOON!!!

So there you have it. I obviously got distracted and forgot to tweet at some points during the show, but that happens during a 3-hour telecast. Dogs need to be walked. Dinner needs to be had, etc.

Overall I was impressed by the musical numbers from the show. This was probably the first Tony Awards in a LONG time where I didn't know the majority of the shows nominated, or hadn't at least heard the cast recordings.

I think all three nominees for Best Revival of a Musical gave incredible performances, but I was happy for Hair. Of the Best Musical nominees, it seemed to be a given that Billy Elliott would win the crown, but I was equally impressed and intrigued by Next to Normal. I absolutely loved the performance by the cast of N2N, and I can't wait to get my mitts on the cast recording.

Neil Patrick Harris was a great host, but I felt as though he was holding back a lot until the very end of the show, at which time he sang (!!!) a "Tonight" parody detailing the night's events. Loved it.

Can't wait til next year!

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