Thursday, May 5, 2011

The World According to over!

One of these days, maybe I'll learn how to post blogs in a timely, before the show opens and then closes before I have a chance to sit down and say a word about it?  Hmmm....don't hold your breath.  ;)

So, Snoopy!!! has opened and closed.  It was a really successful run at the Campus Theatre.  We didn't sell out any performances (a first for me on that stage since early 2009, actually!) but our audiences were delighted with the show -- especially the younger members of the audience -- and positively delightful after each show.  I have never done a show aimed for younger audiences before, so the whole "going out in costume and signing autographs as my character" thing was brand new to me.  The kids were SO sweet, and the parents were so thankful to us for taking the time to pose for pictures and sign autographs for their children!  It was a really special experience.

That being said...I think this is probably the first time in my history of doing shows that I have not had the post-show blues immediately after.  Maybe it's because over half the cast and production team are already close friends of mine, with whom I already spend lots of time outside rehearsals. Maybe it's because I overlapped this one with The Glass Menagerie and I'm just finally so glad to not be doing a show or rehearsing for the first time since January.  All I know is, I'm LOVING being at home and having time to go see other friends' endeavors, reading books, watching the Red Sox name it! 

I also must mention how incredibly proud I am of my husband, who made his debut as Musical Director for Snoopy!!!  I knew he was brilliant, of course, but he went above and beyond anything I've seen him do.  He worked SO hard, and when I heard compliments on the sound and obvious preparation of the ensemble in musical numbers, I couldn't help but be proud wifey.  His hard work showed through us, and I'm glad we did him proud!! 

Now!  Here are some pictures (click on photo for larger image)!  As always, a fantastic job by the one and only Lynn Michelle!

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